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Outside Providence

A Miramax Film
Starring Alec Baldwin, Shawn Hatosy and Amy Smart
Written and produced by Bobby and Peter Farrelly and Michael Corrente
Directed by Michael Corrente

A Farrelly Brothers movie told through a blue-collar lens, Outside Providence is directed by Michael Corrente (American Buffalo) and adapted by Michael and Peter and Bobby Farrelly from Peter's first novel. Set in 1974 in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, it is a working-class coming-of-age comedy that stars Shawn Hatosy as a teenage stoner and Alec Baldwin as his widowed, ill-tempered, bigoted father. The film also features Amy Smart as the well heeled love interest and Sam the three-legged dog. Spirited, irreverent and (of course) hilarious.

The music is a rock-based score, built to recall the great stoner music of the time, and to interface well with the many songs in the soundtrack. Lots of guitar, lots of fun.