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Autumn Heart

An Arrow Release
Starring Tyne Daly, Ally Sheedy and Davidlee Willson
Directed by Steven Maler

  • Official Selection, Sundance Film Festival
  • Winner Audience Award, Nantucket Film Festival

Ally Sheedy stars as one of three daughters of Ann (Tyne Daly), a working class Bostonian bus-driver.  When Ann suffers a heart attack, she asks her daughters to find their long-lost brother.  They track him down, but what follows is more of a family collision than a family reunion. Written and produced by Davidlee Willson, who also plays Daniel, the brother in question.  A drama filled with sweet-natured hilarity and unabashed sentiment.

A heartfelt film with a heartfelt score.  Very melodic, scored for solo woodwinds, strings and piano.