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The Nazi Officer's Wife
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The Nazi Officer's Wife

A Seventh Art Release
An A&E presentation
Voices by Susan Sarandon and Julia Ormand
Produced and directed by Liz Garbus

  • Emmy Nomination for Best Music in a Movie, Miniseries or Special, Primetime

The Nazi Officer’s Wife looks at the extraordinary life of Edith Hahn Beer, a Jewish Holocaust survivor who escaped detection by "hiding in clear view", marrying a Nazi party member and disguising herself as a loyal German hausfrau until the war ended.

This improbable story has quite an extensive score (70+ minutes) done with a small orchestra of strings, solo violin, cello and viola, clarinet, bassoon, piano and electronics. The electronics are mostly ambient textures, and most are created from acoustic sources. The solo strings and woodwinds - and the somewhat "modern" harmony - help create a sense of the time and place (Europe in the 30's and 40's) and the feeling of extreme dislocation of a woman who must deny, then recapture, her identity amid the dreamlike unreality of a society gone mad.