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Columbus and the Age of Discovery

"For this Sheldon Mirowitz provided such a gem of a score, that I can safely state that the soundtrack album is well and truly within my list of the top ten albums of all time."
(John Williams, editor - Music From The Movies)

"A wonderfully colorful score...with a panoramic soundscape as impressive as the visuals it accompanied."
(John Diliberto, CD Review)

"...this is epic music, dramatic and evocative, full of energy and vitality, a real treat to the senses."
(Donna Atkinson, The New Times)

"...an ambitious and often spell-binding instrumental album."
(Steve Morse, The Boston Globe)


"Sheldon Mirowitz's score for "Evolution" has great depth and variety...filled with tender and moving music that is somehow mature and solid, while being sensitive and touching."
(Andrew Keech, Music From The Movies)

Troublesome Creek

"In tandem with Western guitar master Duke Levine, Sheldon Mirowitz (who plays guitars, keyboards and dulcimer) has created a high lonesome aural vista that's as bracing as a first frost."
(Billboard Magazine)

"Sheldon Mirowitz's beautiful musical score enhances the pic's overall mood of wistfulness."
(Joe Leydon, Variety)

Odyssey of Life

"...Sheldon Mirowitz's marvelous music and the extraordinary beauty of the footage."
(Joan Van Tassel, The Hollywood Reporter)